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China Flange Market Supply and Demand Situation and Development Prospects Research Report

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2020/04/25 00:28
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According to the “ China Flange Market Supply and Demand Situation and Development Prospects Research Report (2017 Edition) ” published by Limu Information Consulting, Flange is also called flange or flange, which is mainly used for the connection of tubular parts. Flanges are very common in the application of mechanical parts, and are widely used in petrochemical pipelines, metal pressure vessels, building upper and lower water pipelines, municipal water supply pipelines , ships, electric power and other industries.
At present, China's forged flange industry has made great progress in equipment level, forging technology and processing technology, and the quality and performance of the products have been greatly improved . Due to the low labor cost , the forged flange produced in China has a strong competitive advantage in the international market. In recent years, the export volume has reached a high level. Due to the high labor costs, industrialized countries such as Germany and Japan have few domestic flange manufacturers, and the required flange products are mainly imported from developing countries such as China, India and Brazil.
China's forged flange market has a strong geographical gathering characteristics, and the production of flanges everywhere has its own characteristics. For example, Jiangsu Jiangyin area mainly produces and exports stainless steel flanges; Shanxi Dingxiang area mainly produces carbon steel flanges , and flange exports are large; Zhejiang Wenzhou area, Hebei Yinzhou area and Shandong Zhangqiu area are also Chinese laws. The production area of ​​Lan .
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